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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama's "Red" Spiritual Advisor Rev. Jim Wallis vs. the Bible

By Rick Pearcey • March 31, 2010, 03:39 PM

Secularized liberal theologians such as Obama's "Red" Rev. Jim Wallis not only misread the Bible, they don't need it.

Except perhaps as a book of emotional "value symbols" to be mined, proof-texted, and manipulated to baptise the political agendas of Marx, Alinsky, and Obama.

Just like liberal ideological corruption does with the "living" U.S. Constitution.

In contrast to verifiable and wholistic information from the real Creator, theirs is a secularized, bifurcated religiousity of snake oil bottled as "social justice."

It finds a home in what Francis Schaeffer described as the "upper story," a construct of human consciousness where "faith" and meaning are affirmed but blindly so, because they are alienated from facts, reason, and history (the "lower story").

Secularists -- religious or otherwise -- locked up inside the "upper story" are therefore estranged from experiencing the unitary wholeness of what it means to be an integrated human being. Perhaps this is one reason they are so frustrated by life.

There are well-meaning people, some of them very bright, who end up situated in the "upper story" inadvertantly. But it is also a home to sneering fanatics and ideologues in media, government, politics, and Hollywood -- the opiate of pseudo-intellectuals at war with "nature and nature's God."

Both classes of people must be loved. But in addition to love, the second class of people must also be resisted. For they are dangerous.

Religious fantacism combined with political fanaticism sometimes does not end well.

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