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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey, Obama, Show Us Your Papers

By Rick Pearcey • May 13, 2010, 10:28 AM

One's responsibility to prove you are lawfully inside the borders of the United States, say, in Arizona, has met with charges of racism. Contra the "misguided" views of Obama on these matters, I as a naturalized citizen would offer a few comments.

I grew up in Germany, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, and Georgia, and have always enjoyed the diversity of life, including racial diversity.

Without a doubt, the most virulent racist I ever met was working at a magazine in Washington, D.C. She was black. Fanatical. Narrow-minded. One big guilt trip.

And there was also a black guy in a car speeding down Massachusetts Avenue on Capitol Hill, encouraging me to "move my white ---" as he flew by. He kept on driving, so I can't really say I got to know him very well.

This was during a time when I intervened to stop two black guys from pounding the horse-hockey out of another black guy. In the middle of the road. Cars stopped. The two were ramming the guy's head onto the pavement of New York Avenue time and again. Eventually a plainsclothe detective arrived waving a gun and arrested the attackers.

In its rejection of the Creator, and by exchanging the good created diversity of color with the bad diversity of idolizing color, liberal ideology has laid the groundwork for not just more racism but actual race warfare.

Secular statists would be more than happy to use the crisis of race antagonism bred by liberalism to justify the continued growth of the current unconstitutional, anti-Declarational regime in Washington, D.C., to which both major parties have contributed.

Arizona is just another offshoot of this disease. Rather than deal with the legitimate issue of protecting one's borders from an illegal invasion, it appears that some folks have had their minds polluted with racist categories and stereotypes.

A body -- whether national or physical -- that does not protect itself from invasion will die. Resistance to death is good -- it is part of the essence of who we are as created in the image of God.

Accusations of racism, blah, blah, blah, are attempts to get people to let down their God-given protections against sin, death, and decay. Only fools will listen to such rubbish. As in Nehemiah's day, a wise man will join with others, under God, to protect each other even while they rebuild the walls.

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Note: "Hey, Obama, Show Us Your Papers," slightly edited for publication here, first appears in Facebook.