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Thursday, August 12, 2010

When Harry Met Marco

By Rick Pearcey • August 12, 2010, 01:05 PM

"Harry Reid has never heard of Marco Rubio," states the headline above comments by W. James Antle III at American Spectator.

I suppose this means the two have never met. Well, they ought to, if only to fill in a few gaps in Reid's education and life experience.

Antle's comments speak, of course, to Reid's instantly infamous utterance that he just doesn't know how anyone of "Hispanic heritage could be a Republican." This, from a grown man. A U.S. senator. The utterance is an embarrassment.

Well, Harry needs to meet Marco, who is -- as many people seem to know -- the GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, from Florida. A son of Cuban immigrants. 

To help things along, here's Marco's website, which Harry may not know about. It's on the internet, another item about which Harry not know of or heard of.

I'm doing my best as a community facilitator to help Reid understand how Rubio could be Republicanio.

Now I've never met Senior Rubio, and I wouldn't ever want to profile, but he sure does look like a human being of "Hispanic heritage." My unscientific guess is that about 99% of my soccer-playing amigos share a somewhat similar background.

I might add that I do see how a person of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican (something along the lines of perferring the liberating Constitution over against the enfebbling divide-and-conquer racism and groupism that now animates, apparently, the like of Harry Reid and the Democrat Party).  

I might also add that maybe a person of Hispanic heritage could be tired of Obama reaching into brown Hispanic wallets, making it all-that-much harder for the "little guy" to run a small business. That, at least, is what my auto mechanic from Puerto Rico tells me. 

Here's a wild prediction: Marco Rubio, Republican, of Hispanic heritage, will vote Republican in the November elections! And he will vote specifically for himself, Republican!

It really is time that Harry met Marco (on a plane, maybe, as in When Harry Met Sally). In any case, a lot of Americans have met this son of Cuban exiles. Americans of all sorts of heritages. And they seem to like the guy and the Republic for which he stands.

"Republic." I wonder if Reid has ever heard of that.