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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why I Am Not a Christian

By Rick Pearcey • October 13, 2011, 12:42 PM

Tomorrow in our Theology class at Rivendell Sanctuary we shall have a Socratic circle that discusses "Why I Am Not a Christian," a lecture by famed atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell.

In stark contrast to the cults of politics, "faith," and "settled science" so evident on today's campus, in Hollywood, around politics, and in the formerly mainstream media, free-thinkers who embrace the Judeo-Christian worldview because it is empirically verifiable, logically consistent, answers the basic philosophic questions, and is existentially viable relish the opportunity to test various truth-claims in the marketplace of ideas.

Some may prefer to cling to their false ideolgies, inhumane politics, materialistic economics, and family-destroying social agendas. Others would rather seek truth. And then on the basis of what is discovered, help build a better world. 

And so tomorrow we shall ask ourselves and Bertrand Russell a few honest questions. It's called the free exhange of ideas. You may recall that, once upon a time in America, a lot of colleges did that.

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