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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Praises Michele Bachmann Debate Performance

By Rick Pearcey • November 23, 2011, 01:21 PM

Earlier today on his radio talk show, Rush Limbaugh praised Michele Bachmann for her performance during last night's GOP debate on foreign affairs. The debate was sponsored by CNN, the Heritage Foundation, and the American Enterprise Institute.

Limbaugh said that every single person performed well last night, but he also said he had no doubt that Bachmann, if elected president, would spend every single moment of her presidency defending the institutions and traditions of the United States.

Limbaugh also drew attention to the terrible way Bachmann was treated recently on NBC's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." When she was brought onto the set for an interview, the Jimmy Fallon band greeted her with a song titled, "Lyin' A-- B--ch" -- not the words, just the tune.

Limbaugh noticed that this show is broadcast by a major television network, NBC. He also suggested that if the tables were turned and, say, the Mike Huckabee band played the same tune while introducing Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media would have responded a bit differently, to say the least.

Limbaugh also said he checked the webpage of NOW, the National Organization for Women, and found that a lead story dealt with Herman Cain and how he was an "SOB" (Rush's language) for calling Nancy Pelosi "Princess Nancy."

Under "Hot Topics" is in fact a story titled, "Cain, Sexual Harassment, and the Campaign Against Women in Public Life."

Limbaugh noted that with Bachmann we have the only woman currently running for the office of the president of the United States, and yet this woman is treated in such a profoundly disrespectful manner.

Therefore, said Limbaugh, not only was the anti-Bachmann Fallon fiasco not mentioned on the NOW website, but instead there is an attack against Herman Cain because, among other things, he dared to term Nancy Pelosi, who is not running for president, "Princess Nancy."

Why is NOW silent about Bachmann's ill treatment -- if NOW's concern is really regarding women instead of just liberal women who embrace abortion, are cool with homosexuality, despise marriage and family, and embrace the idea of the federal state as the new husband or, perhaps more to the point, sugar daddy? Just wondering.

The phrase "selective outrage" comes to mind.  

This is not a double-standard: It's a single standard: Hatred for any candidate who does not embrace the estranged liberal-socialist statist program of radical change -- and hatred especially for any presidential candidate who shows signs of a) understanding the Constitutional and Declarational foundations upon which the United States is built, and b) possessing the courage and backbone needed to stand up against an onslaught of hatred, misreporting, and character assassination.

There really is no doubt in my mind, as well: A President Michele Bachmann would be vastly superior to Barack Obama or to any other current Democrat and the vision-for-unfreedom for which they stand.

My sense is that she would work every single day of her presidency to relaunch and restore and resume the American Constitutional Republic, founded upon Declaration content and its exemplary vision-for-freedom.

Do not count Michele Bachmann out. And if she does not win the presidency, she should be at the top of the list for a major cabinet post.