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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Humane Worldview vs. Kiddie Pole Dancing

By Rick Pearcey • September 11, 2012, 09:55 AM

You may have noticed in the news lately that a dance studio is offering "kiddie pole-dancing classes." 

As a counterpoint to this, friend and author Darrow Miller has alerted us to the intriguing creative work of Jeremiah and Mona Enna in Kansas City.

Miller writes: 

After spending time studying and dancing in Europe, the Ennas moved to Olathe, Kansas, near Kansas City. There they created The Culture House and the affiliate Storling Dance Theater. Their dream was to bring the performing arts and the local community together through “excellence, education and engagement.” The Ennas seek to found their work in the performing arts on an integrated Biblical worldview.

The whole point of an "integrated Biblical worldview" is to recover our humanity in a broken world, in a life of community with God and man.

This too is central to "cultural apologetics" -- that is, to being salt and light in all sectors of society, so that love and truth (His will) is exhibited "on earth, even as it is in heaven."  

Someone such as Francis Schaeffer, for example, whose work the Ennas claim as an influence on their creativity, understood the Biblical emphasis that the case for knowable truth from the Creator is meant to be articulated and lived out across the entirety of society. 

As such, this verifiable worldview is not [to quote a recent Acton Institute article] "some exercise in supernatural therapy for people bewildered by the adversities of life. Instead, [Schaeffer] drew out the connections between Christianity, social events, art, history, music, government, and the many other endeavors of human beings in the world."

Schaeffer's reality-oriented commitment "led Christians out of their tiny reading room and into an enormous library of human experience and learning."

This approach gives a basis for a genuine and humane renaissance of life and mind and imagination across the whole of human existence, including, and equally including, politics, science, education, entertainment, journalism, art, medicine, the humanities, church-life, and socio-political healing in the public square. 

Here is a video that explains the vision of Jeremiah and Mona Enna for the Artist Development Program at the Storling Dance Theater.

The next time we're in Kansas City, we hope to pay a visit to The Culture House and Storling Dance Theater.

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(Note: Portions of the preceding comments first appeared on Nancy Pearcey's page in Facebook)