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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Male Homosexual "Partners" Face Child Porn Charges

By Rick Pearcey • September 15, 2012, 10:07 AM

The Houston Chronicle reports: 

Two Jersey Village men face felony child pornography charges after investigators raided their apartment and found illicit photos and videos of children as young as 5 engaged in sex, Harris County prosecutors said.

Christopher Duncan, 38, and his live-in partner, William Burklund, 20, are each charged with possession of child pornography, court records show. A judge set $20,000 bail for each.

"The City of Jersey Village offers its residents a safe, caring small town atmosphere in the heart of the Houston Metropolitan area,"says the Jersey Village website.

Challenging this mission statement is child pornography, which is an inhumane phenomenon and rightly policed. But also challenging this mission statement, and even more destructive strategically, is a homosexualist philosophy that would seek to normalize child pornography.

That philosophy preaches "'love' without limits." This slogan is a sermon in a nutshell, but it is bad faith and intellectually empty.

It is an angry preaching that not only lacks an adequate basis for defining love (and distinguishing it from mere lust) but the embrace of this view requires a) the rejection of the Creator's liberating norms for marriage and human sexuality and b) the acceptance of a private relativistic concept of "values" based on impersonal nature, "orientation," or just raw power. And it places children at the mercy of "loving" "adult" adults.

Today, the consumption of child pornography is a crime, as it should be.

Tomorrow, however, if homosexualist finger-wagging from the White House, Hollywood, the "news" media, and other secularized power establishments (not to be confused with the American mainstream) are successful in imposing their extremist philosophy upon Americans, no child or community will be safe.

Philosophies have consequences. Ideas that are true and humane can elevate a set of colonies to exceptional greatness. Ideas that are false and inhumane can tear down a town, city, state, or country. This can happen even if those ideas are marketed as "liberation."

The immoral criminal jailed today may be hailed as the pioneer tomorrow. Or Wisdom can triumph in the streets. 

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