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Monday, September 3, 2012

Empty Chair Watch: Obama Says Fatherhood Trumps Politics

By Rick Pearcey • September 3, 2012, 09:52 AM

So says the prez to CNN. But does fatherhood trump politics when it comes to abortion politics, Mr. Obama?

You see, according to Barack, if he weren't such a family man, why, he'd spend more time schmoozing and "backslapping" with D.C. bigwigs. He'd have more buddies on the Hill. His agenda would be getting through, and Obamacare would be loved in Fly-Over Land.   

However, it may be that Obama and Co. have been talking, politicking, social networking, etc., etc., nonstop for well-nigh 4 years (OK, he's played more rounds of golf than Arnold Palmer). 

And it may be that Americans are rejecting the Obama regime because he is aggressively seeking to impose his private, secularized ideology upon a people who still cling all-too-much to their Declaration and Constitution.

They prefer the rules of freedom, not the rule of Obama. Success, not failure.

Yep. He loves the kids. Just like it says in the Bible.

Except for "the least of these" who need to be aborted. Except for those who have the audacity to survive an abortion and are actually breathing outside of the womb.

Probably a bunch a young racists, anyway. Or uppity race traitors in the making. Besides, who could object except an angry mob of anti-Planned Parenthood extremists? They shouldn't be having kids anyway.

The policies of nice-guy Christian Obama would let abortionists knock "the least of these" upside the head with a 9 iron.

And then 6:30 comes, when Obama can be with his kids at the dinner table, help with the homework, and create a halo for the DNC convention this week. With final victory and ultimate transformation waiting in November.

So, you see, when Clint Eastwood talked to empty chair Obama the other day at the RNC, the point isn't really that Obama's an empty suit.

It is true that Obama is a mouthpiece for regressive politics and inhumane interests.

And he is a man who hides behind his girls as his regime is being rejected and when his campaign needs a lift.

But don't miss the larger point: What Obama preaches and practices is empty and vain. Those who follow the empty chair will be left with nothing.