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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mitt's Biggest Turn Around Yet; For Matthews, The Thrill Is Gone

By Rick Pearcey • October 4, 2012, 08:24 AM

Robert Stacy McCain at American Spectator offers a terrific overview of last night's debate between Mitt Romney and the chair (Obama supporters may be calling the debate a debacle). McCain must have watched the action on my Facebook and Twitter pages as well (now, where's that smiley thingy?).

Here are the opening two paragraphs of McCain's article:

How decisively did Mitt Romney win Wednesday night's debate? All you had to do was watch the most pro-Obama network to see it. "I personally do not know who won this debate," MSNBC's Rachel Maddow said as soon as the debate ended. She was obviously the only one who didn't know.

When Maddow brought on her colleague Ed Schultz, he moaned that President Obama "created a problem for himself tonight on Social Security. He agreed with Mitt Romney. . . . I thought he was off his game."

Nor did the president's performance send a thrill up the leg of Chris Matthews. "I don't know what he was doing out there,"Matthews complained. "He had his head down. He was enduring the debate rather than fighting it."

"Of all the turnarounds Romney accomplished in his career at Bain Capital," McCain writes, "perhaps none was so significant as the one he pulled off in 90 minutes last night."

And what's Chris Matthews' new theme song? "The Thrill Is Gone." 

P.S. -- This version of "The Thrill Is Gone" is on my MP3 player for workouts.