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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's Scarier Than Obama's Being Re-Elected?

By Rick Pearcey • October 9, 2012, 12:32 PM

"If Obama is re-elected, he'll finish the job he started," says David Limbaugh. Yes, that's scarier.

In my view, people with views like those of Barack Obama augur the end of the American republic -- and I if were to hold Obama's worldview, I would probably go about "fundamentally transforming" America in ways and methods similar to those embraced by Obama.

That method is to maintain an outward shell of constitutionality, echo the language of freedom, and to appear as friendly and personal in public as is possible.

But then to simultaneously push a radical extremist agenda that rejects the foundations of the American republic, all the while counting on the formerly mainstream media (plus Hollywood, the academy, corrupt businessmen, deceptive preachers, etc.) to provide social and pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-spiritual cover. 

Something called "America" would, of course, continue to exist. And many absorbed by bread and circuses may not notice the slippage from freedom to unfreedom.

But the slippage would be real and the results most unhappy. For where the foundations of freedom are eroded, the house of freedom cannot stand.

Make no mistake. We would be under the heel of governance by the rules of extremists, the rules of radicals, and not liberated by the rules of freedom -- set forth in those documents, for example, that Obama & Co. undermine day in and day out -- the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.

We already witness the gross inhumanity of such a regime -- the attack on the individual, the hatred of the family, the imposition of authoritarian control and command from DC, cowering and uncertainty (inviting more terror) in the Middle East and around the world.

Millions unemployed. An economy that staggers. A government that operates in bad faith. Millions murdered via abortion. Decisions pushed on the basis of skin color, money, raw power, and humanistic pride. Terror in the shadows waits to spring from within and from without.

What is needed is a return to the liberating and humane foundations of freedom, of which the Founders knew -- which is why the currently double-minded Republican Party may, at best, be a log to throw in the way of the regressive Obama regime.

The GOP needs to realign itself principially, root and branch, with the rules of freedom, if it wishes to be on the right side of history, humanity, and of the "laws of Nature and Nature's God."  

Obama cannot be allowed to finish the job, lest the U.S. as a republic is well-high finished as well. A Romney-Ryan administration can buy time to mobilize a citizenry of freedom who will insist on refounding the American republic. No perfection, but the continuance of steps in the right direction. 

But that's up to us, under God -- that is, in community with a verifiable, knowable, publicly actionable Creator who is the source of unalienable rights.

That's how a people can turn away from disaster and begin to win back a "shining city on a hill." It'll take work. It'll take prayer. And it's all about loving your neighbor.