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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don't Worry, Ladies, It Was a Transgender Spy Cam

By Rick Pearcey • November 25, 2012, 05:53 PM

CBS 13 in Sacramento reports:

Women were shocked to learn that they were being secretly videotaped while using the restroom at a Vallejo Long John Silvers restaurant.

Police say a teenage employee at the fast food restaurant was capturing their every move.

“That’s disgusting,” said one woman. “It’s a complete violation.”

Female residents were creeped out learning what one customer allegedly found inside the Long John Silvers.

“In Long John Silvers? I go over there all the time. I used to use the restroom too,” said another woman.

Meanwhile, enlightened education accepts the unfounded notion that there is no real difference between the sexes and that gender, orientation, marriage, and family are realy just artificial constructs created by humans. Which can therefore be decreated by humans.

In addition, in a society where abortion is not rare and is always unsafe (ask the babies), those who live outside of the womb, especially those who think they are empowered by the state to invade the privacy of the fetus, up to the point of killing preborn humans, really have no standing upon which to protest when their post-utero privacy is invaded.

In public bathrooms, for example.

You see, the distinction between public and private is just a social construct, as well, it can be argued. And it is probably rooted in that non-evolved One Percenter attachment to private property that Marx warned us about and Obama promises to free us from, so centralized government power can ensure the fair redistribution of life, liberty, and happiness.

In fact, liberalism affirms women and privacy, but only as "sizzle." In substance, liberalism destroys both diversity and privacy.

In a closed-down scheme of merely naturalistic "equality," eventually eveything becomes one -- no Creator, no heaven or hell, no male or female, no in or out, no public or private, but all is one, all is unity, all is tolerated.

But when distinctions disappear, the distinction between safe spaces (women protected in restrooms, for example) as opposed to unsafe spaces (women not protected in restrooms, for example) disappears as well. 

It's not supposed to exist, but welcome to Hell anyway. 

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