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Buy This Book! New Edition of Udo Middelmann's "Pro-Existence"

Congratulations to Udo Middelmann on the publication of the new edition of his book Pro-Existence, released by Wipf and Stock Publishers. Middelmann is president of the Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation, based in Gryon, Switzerland.

Pro-Existence: The Place of Man in the Circle of Reality includes the following:

Foreword (this is new)

Chapter 1: Creativity and the Value of Work

Chapter 2: Creativity and the Value of Property

Chapter 3: The Circumference of Reality

Chapter 4: The Limits of Selfishness

Chapter 5: Pro-Existence and the Return of the King

Afterword (This is new)

I highly recommend this book. You might pick up a copy for your own development, but also possibly as a gift to a student, parent, artist, journalist, pastor, or professor.

Pro-Existence is also a terrific resource for group discussions on the relationship of Christian worldview to issues of work and creativity, property, the objectivity of truth, the place of the individual, and one's relationship to the state in a broken world.