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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sears Pulls Ads From "Saturday Night Live"

By Rick Pearcey • March 11, 2013, 10:24 AM

Ben Shapiro writes

Back on February 16, Saturday Night Live -- a show that would never have the guts to lampoon Muslim prophet Mohammed -- went after Jesus with both barrels. Or rather, they had Jesus go after everyone else with both barrels. The skit, titled Djesus Uncrossed, featured Christoph Waltz’s Jesus killing Roman soldiers using swords and firearms. "He’s risen from the dead," the voice-over says. "And he’s preaching anything but forgiveness."

In the aftermath of that slap against Christianity, Tim Wildmon’s American Family Association went to sponsors of the program and asked them to pull their advertising. The skit, Wildmon wrote, was "an affront to all people of faith, especially Christians . . . NBC would never do this to any other religious group, but it’s popular in Hollywood circles to go after 'crazy' Christians."

"Sears sent Wildmon a thank you, and pulled its ads, stating that they had also “taken steps to ensure that our commercials do not air online," Shapiro writes.

Meanwhile, Shapiro continues, "Wildmon is pushing more boycotts, stating, 'As long as corporations support this kind of offensive material, their sales are going to suffer as shoppers abandon retailers that support blasphemy. . . . When you embrace television programming with no morals, you can’t possibly embrace the public you are trying to sell to'."

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