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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Extremist Barack Obama: Put Nation's 4-Year-Olds in "Public Preschools"

By Rick Pearcey • April 10, 2013, 05:56 PM

Terence P. Jeffrey reports at CNSNews.com:

Obama said America needs to start enrolling 4-year-olds to make sure the children are "better prepared for the demands of the global economy" and to help parents save on "child-care costs."

This is just more extremism from a politician who rejects the vision for humanity and vision for freedom that is the mainstream American position, as set forth in the enduring principles of the Declaration of Indpendence and Bill of Rights.

Everyone should understand that the "nation" or "America" does not have any children. Parents have children, not nations. And not governments.

And it is the God-given right and responsibility of parents -- not Washington, D.C., power-brokers -- to raise and oversee the education of their own children.

What Obama is doing is using the tried and true con of "education" to tempt hard-working parents to allow power-hungry politicians even more (unconstitutional) control over our children than they already improperly exercise.

Wisdom says no to the further spread of slavery and yes to human resistance in the name of liberty.

It is for the sake of real education and the dignity of the person that Americans should reject what is just more candy-coated extremism disgorging out of Washington.

As the Declaration of Independence makes clear, and as the verifiable information we have from the Creator makes clear, the center of gravity for human freedom and dignity is the Creator, and not the state. 

This is the mainstream human position, and as a matter of history, it is the defining U.S. position. All else is extreme. And all else is extreme, even if that extremism is advocated under a sales pitch of education or on behalf of saving a few dollars (as if the federal government knows anything about saving money).  

Mr. Obama, it would be better if you read (and submitted to) the Declaration of Independence. It would be better if you read (and submitted to) the Bill of Rights.

That's your job. To submit. To submit your ego and your thinking and your policies to the rules of freedom. It's also why you took to oath of office. Or do you have mental reservations, after all?

Reject extremism, Mr. Obama. Do your job. Remove your nose from our business.

And by the way, Republicans: You need to do a little reading too. And submitting, too. To the rules of freedom.

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