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Monday, July 29, 2013

What's to Forgive? Bill and Hillary "Livid" at Comparison to Weiner

By Rick Pearcey • July 29, 2013, 05:06 PM

"Bill and Hillary Clinton are angry with efforts by mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner and his campaign to compare his Internet sexcapades -- and his wife Huma Abedin’s incredible forgiveness -- to the Clintons’ notorious White House saga," reports the New York Post.

"The Clintons are upset with the comparisons that the Weiners seem to be encouraging -- that Huma is 'standing by her man' the way Hillary did with Bill, which is not what she in fact did," a leading New York Democrat reportedly said," according to the Post.

But I still say: What's to forgive? All that may be happening -- if one adopts the "liberal" theory about life -- is that most of the voting public is still clinging to their Bibles (what remains of them) and have not yet allowed their "America" to be sufficiently "fundamentally transformed" to realize further progress is required down the "progressive" road of reimagining "family," "faithfulness," "forgiveness," "marriage," "orientation," and the wonders of the sexual revolution.

On this view, in 15-20 years, with more "education," "advocacy," and "equality" from the White House, and with toothless Republicans yipping and faithful media yapping, Weiner may yet be recognized for the courageous trailblazer that he is. He could then go to Hillary's house and demand she bake a Weiner Orientation Cake of Pride, Respect, and Celebration for him, Huma, and internet friends with benefits.

They can kiss and make up on Oprah. Celebrate at the Playboy mansion and ensure that whoever replaces Hef shows up.

It's not easy introducing a new sexual orientation to a bigoted nation in need of evolution from its discriminatory ways. And yet, the culture is pregnant with opportunity for "Carlos Danger" to reveal himself as "Nietzsche Superman."

In almost every respect, for orthodox liberals and secularists (Republicans included), God does not exist -- except when they need Him to create and justify immoral behavior by useful politicians in this broken world (not to mention His usefulness in propagandizing understanding wives and agreeable girlfriends).

Problem is, that pathetic, non-existent "god" of secularist believism also creates "haters" -- that is, people who disagree with the "settled" relativistic opinion of the month, campaign cycle, and other tidbits of mere tradition.

Mind you, "haters" are not to be judged, O ye intolerant of little faith. More simply: It's evil to judge

There may be a slight downside to such "fundamental change." As revolutions throughout history have shown, the yang of oppressed haters (we know they're haters because MTV and HBO say so) will demand their "rights," too -- to be won by the edge of the guillotine or through the barrel of a gun, when required. Obamacare data collection and NSA spying could also come in handy. They may help smooth out bumps in the road.

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