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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Gay" Human Rights Commissioner to Evangelical Pastor: You and Your Family "Deserve to Burn in Hell"

By Rick Pearcey • July 24, 2013, 12:33 PM

Kirsten Andersen reports at LifeSiteNews:

An Evangelical pastor in Sioux City is requesting the removal of a newly-appointed member of the city’s Human Rights Commission because of hateful and threatening comments the official posted to the pastor’s Facebook page in 2010.

Pastor Cary Gordon of Cornerstone World Outreach says that Human Rights Commissioner Scott Raasch, who is homosexual, wrote on Facebook that because Gordon had encouraged voters to toss out three Supreme Court judges whose court order made same-sex "marriage" legal in Iowa, he was a "hater" and a "bigot" and that he should "burn in hell" along with his entire family.

"I advocated for the removal of our state supreme court judges in 2010, because they violated their oaths of office while pretending to be lawmakers, forcing gay 'marriage' on our state," Gordon recounted in a blog post. "Thankfully, a significant majority of Iowa citizens agreed with my advocacy for the rule of law and the restricted jurisdiction of judges and responded by firing the 3 who were up for the Iowa retention vote."

The pastor argues that a "man who gives 'death wishes' to a local pastor's wife and children at Christmas guarantees an atmosphere where prosecutorial powers of the HRC are likely to become abusive and threatening to people of faith in Sioux City."

Says Gordon, "Let's hope our City Council will do the right thing and remove Scott Raasch from this unmerited position of authority posthaste."

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