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Monday, October 7, 2013

Chemistry Prof Rebuked by Faculty for Acknowledging "Holes" in Darwinian Theory

By Rick Pearcey • October 7, 2013, 12:43 PM

David Klinghoffer writes at Evolutionnews.org:

A chemistry professor at the University of Iowa got slammed recently by colleagues for voicing the view that Darwinian evolutionary theory has "holes . . . that are big enough to drive a semi-truck through."

The professor, Ned Bowden, was writing in an official university publication, Iowa Now, and 25 of his fellow faculty members took umbrage.

They signed a collectively authored letter chastising him, reminding Dr. Bowden that Evolution Is a Fact -- "we no longer debate the central principles of evolutionary theory as a scientific framework for understanding Earth's diversity" -- and chiding Iowa Now for publishing the piece and thereby doing "a disservice to the university."

Klinghoffer notes that "Bowden's remark about the semi-truck is actually in the context of a very mild article, 'Common Ground: A Case for Ending the Animosity Between Science and Religion,' expressing the general view that science and religion need not conflict.

In the article Bowden "makes crystal clear that he is no Young Earth Creationist -- 'I have utter confidence in radioactive dating'," Klinghoffer quotes Bowden as saying.

"There's not a word about intelligent design either," Klinghoffer observes. "In fact he uses a standard theistic evolutionary formulation about how 'it is highly possible that evolution was the tool that God used to bring humans into being.'

"Poor guy!," Klinghoffer writes. "Many theistic evolutionists -- not, I'm sure, Dr. Bowden, who seems very sincere -- embrace the idea because it's supposed to protect you from attack by Darwinists. So that's a prophylactic, like some others I can think of, that's not 100 percent effective after all."

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