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Monday, May 21, 2018

James Woods Faults Democrats for School Insecurity

By Rick Pearcey • May 21, 2018, 04:41 PM

Cheryl Chumley writes at the Washington Times:

James Woods, one of the few conservatives in Hollywood, sent out a scathing tweet about Democrats and their blocking of common-sense measures that could secure our nation’s public schools from shooting attackers.

And he's dead-on in his assessment. Democrats, sadly -- horrifically, really -- seem to use the tragedies of dead children to further illogical gun control. Like how?

Like pressing for gun-free zones, for example.

It's not as if criminals will listen to law and lay down their weapons, right?

According to Chumley, "Woods puts it this way on Twitter: 'When fanatic Muslims started hijacking airplanes, we instituted rigid TSA restrictions. Result? No more hijackings in America. It's simple enough to institute security protocols that work for schools. Why won't #Democrats support it?'"

Chumley acknowledges that not "all on the left are purposely using child shootings for political gain. Some are truly and genuinely attempting to stop the madness, stop the killings."

However, she continues, "others are political operatives who care more about curbing Second Amendment rights than putting an end to school-based violence."

Chumley reminds all concerned: "Stripping gun rights from law-abiding citizens does nothing to end violence. It only emboldens the criminals -- only puts guns into the hands of those with evil intents in their hearts, and takes away a sure defense from their would-be victims."

Here's the real-world trajectory of gun control: It ends up weaponizing the bad guys and making the rest of us sitting ducks. No child in any school on earth ought to be a sitting duck.

"It's time to start looking at more common-sense solutions," Chumley recommends, as she notes challenges that attend the "prescription medicine field," "fatherless homes," "broken homes," and the "removal of God from all-things-public."

Regarding Chumley's fourth area of concern, it's crucial to realize that the Creator-endowed pre-political, pre-governmental right to life (see the Declaration) entails the unalienable human right to self-defense.

Protecting life -- including self-defense -- truly is foundational to who we are -- to who all human beings are.

Every human being ("red and yellow, black and white") is "created equal" and "endowed" by a verifiable and knowable Creator -- and is empowered by publicly actionable information (we're talking about space-time data and principles, not privatized so-called "religion") concerning "certain unalienable rights" -- so as to make it a violation on the highest order when any individual, group, or government infringes upon who we are by suppressing our intrinsic human right to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities.

Human dignity demands human self-defense. No student "endowed by their Creator" should ever be a sitting duck.

Our greatest defense is remembering who we are.

Our greatest liberation is acting upon that information.

And our greatest schools ought to be making that wisdom as clear as day for all to see.