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Friday, March 8, 2019

Extremist Indoctrination in Classrooms Gets Green Light From GOP Legislators

By Rick Pearcey • March 8, 2019, 03:07 PM

Lawrence Lockman writes at Frontpagemag.con:

Should teachers in Maine's public schools be allowed to push partisan politics and ideology in the classroom?

I don't think so, and neither do many parents who have contacted me. That's why I sponsored LD 589, proposed legislation directing the state board of education to draft a Code of Ethics for K-12 teachers.

Simply put, the Code of Ethics would forbid teachers from endorsing candidates as part of their classroom instruction, from introducing controversial material not germane to the subject being taught, and generally from using their classrooms as bully pulpits for political, social or religious advocacy . . . . 

"There's abundant evidence that students in Maine's K-12 government schools are being subjected to Leftist indoctrination in the classroom," Lockman writes.

"'Progressive' teachers, administrators, and textbook publishers have been working overtime to ensure that students practice 'correct thinking' on subjects such as racial guilt, gender identity, illegal immigration, and other controversial issues," Lockman states.

"As soon as the Code of Ethics bill was referred to the Education committee for a public hearing in late February, all the usual suspects announced their opposition," Lockman continues.

"The head of the statewide teachers' union insisted that teachers never engage in political advocacy in the classroom, while the far-Left ACLU defended the right of teachers to do exactly that," Lockman notes.

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