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Rick Warren's Holy Week Crisis

In his handbook for living as a human being in a broken world with manipulative politicians, preachers, scientists, and used-car salesmen, the Creator liberates his fellow rebels against evil by exhorting them to "test everything" (1 Thess. 5:21).

Thus, Sandy Rios questions "America's Pastor" Rick Warren vis-a-vis his Larry Kingish running for the hills on the question of standing up for the Biblical, Gospel, and life-enhancing circle of life called marriage -- as between a man and a woman in community under God.

One might add, however, this to the Rios column: Let's refrain from calling Mr. Warren "America's Pastor." You can be his friend, his seminary classmate, etc., etc. I have never met Warren personally, and he may be a swell guy. But, please, "America's Pastor"? That's ridiculous.


I agree about the "America's pastor" appellation. That is another attempt by the media to fit evangelicals into a mold that we don't fit.

No on can be "America's pastor" -- we are too diverse. I am a pre-tri, premil, young earth creationist. Does that fit everyone? I don't think so.

And having looked carefully at the "Purpose-Driven" lifestyle, I couldn't disagree more.