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Social Conservatives Falling Down

From the Washington Times:

Social conservatives, the once-powerful force that focused the Republican agenda on moral virtue and family values, have suffered a diminished brand on the national political landscape as a steady stream of their icons have fallen prey to the vices they once preached against.

Extramarital affairs, gambling, alcohol abuse, prostitution and sexual pursuit of minors have taken a toll on the GOP.

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Firstly we believe we are simul iustus et peccator! Not a theologia gloria!

Secondly, those who are a threat to the Adversary's agenda face the strongest attacks. We should not be surprised (saddened, but not surprised) when leaders fall to temptation.

Thus we preach not just Law, but Gospel as well.

Such sins do make the calling to church leadership off-bounds for those who have fallen, but if they repent, they are most certainly not denied eternal salvation.

When we push for the moral law in public life, we are promoting using the Law as a curb (and mirror), just as 1 Timothy teaches. We are acting either as citizens or in the 'prophetic' role of the kingdom of the right hand.

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