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Monday, June 28, 2010

"Lloyd Marcus for President!"

By Rick Pearcey • June 28, 2010, 01:35 PM

This black is black is black Tea Party dude is American, And He's Proud -- a total mystery, therefore, to the closed-down, formerly mainstream media as represented, for example, by CNN.

You see, in that radical pro-humane document called the Declaration of Independence, people are given a basis for emancipation from idols of the good, the bad, and the media (yep, even worshipping something good and God-given -- such as skin color -- can tear you apart, e.g., "black values," "white power").  

Instead, all of us, red and yellow, black and white, get to be human beings first, created in the image of God, and then we get to enjoy the diversity of this good creation in all its wonder.

But diversity without God is not our strength, it's our downfall, a demon let loose upon the land by a secularism that couldn't care less about the human being, seeing as how ultimately we're really just space junk, cosmic upchuck, complex bits of matter on a meaningless rock in a dying universe -- that is, if you believe the unquestioned dogma of the First Church of the Secular Humanist Anti-Gospel.

Far better to be a heretic for humanity, living in a community of resistance with our true Creator and our fellow man. One of our jobs is to "distract" the Heaven out of Obama and gang, the better to save them from themselves and us and our country from them.

If Lloyd Marcus ever does become president, he'll have the advantage of knowing who he is and why he's here. That puts him light-years ahead of the current uninformed occupant of the White House and his disciples in the press.  

If you're a free-thinking human being who embraces all of God's children and enjoy a litte tea now and then, "It's the Media, Stupid," by Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker, has a place at the table reserved just for you.

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