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Monday, October 12, 2009

Tyranny Watch: White House vs. Fox News -- Video

By Rick Pearcey • October 12, 2009, 06:08 PM

America is waking up. America is beginning to see. But see what?

To see that the Obama Administration is on the wrong side of the Declaration, the Constitution, on the wrong side of the American people as a body politic formed in resistance to tyranny. And finally, on the wrong side of the Creator himself, who endows each of us with "certain unalienable rights" by virtue of having been created in His image.

Even though we human beings are fully capable of shooting ourselves in the foot (what theologians call "sin"), we the people nevertheless are beings of great nobility, of great worth, of great significance, and great creativity.

And even though cracked and broken, we are not junk. The Creator did not waste his time and blood initiating a resistance movement and sending a Son to fight and to set things right. You don't do that for pieces of cosmic junk or meaningless particles of matter in an absurd universe. You do that for magnificient works of art, for irreplaceable, unrepeatable creations of eternal value. 

We are shaped in the image of an infinite-personal God, and on that basis we resist any idol of governmental tryanny (or any other kind, including religious) that elevates itself to levels of Diety, such that now that hubris known as "Washington" sees itself as the creator of human rights.

This is idolatry plain and simple, ending in tryanny plain and simple. And by similar measure of plainness and simplicity, a humanity empowered by God our true Creator will resist. This is who we are. We are empowered, not condemned, to be free.  

Thus the captives are set free: from slavery, from amoral capitalism, from class warfarism, from Washington-centrism, from rogue principalities and powers, and from "every form of tryanny over the mind of man," as a former President once put it.

Now comes a cry-baby administration unable to face up to a U.S. news group, in a world where dictators and terrorists can do more -- and have done more -- than hit back with a few tough questions or a few inconvenient facts. Now the Obama regime is targeting Fox News. And here is a video report.

Fox News isn't the problem. Fox News is a messenger. And there are more messengers on the way. Millions of them.

Hat tip: Randy's Right

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