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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Make Love, Not Hate: Family Research Council Drops UPS

By Rick Pearcey • December 13, 2012, 10:51 AM

John Jalsevac reports at LifeSiteNews:

Mail trucks with United Parcel Services (UPS) will be carrying a lighter load this Christmas season after one of the top conservative organizations in the country announced they are dropping the mail carrier.

Family Research Council (FRC) expressed frustration after UPS decided to cease funding Boy Scouts because of the Scouts’ policy of not accepting openly homosexual Scout leaders or members.

In November, FRC sent a letter to UPS urging them to reconsider and reverse their new policy.

However, FRC President Tony Perkins now says that he has spoken personally with UPS executives, “but they showed no willingness to back down on bullying non-profits into abandoning their values.”

If UPS chooses to side with intolerant anti-family radicals who discriminate against the Boy Scouts and against the Creator and His emancipatory norms for marriage, family life, and human sexuality, well, bless UPS's extremist corporate heart.

But neither FRC nor any free-thinking individual or group needs to help fund that kind of unethical, hateful corporate lack of social responsibility.

Loving thy neighbor includes the honest stewardship of one's financial resources.

UPS should stick to delivering parcels. And practice positive corporate responsibility, not its anti-family opposite.

And when UPS starts pushing extremism or undermining sanity, it's time for free-thinkers who respect the Creator and the blessings of family and liberty to push back.

Love always means taking a stand against hate.

Well done, Family Research Council.