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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Big Deal: Poll Says GOP Has Largest Lead Ever

By Rick Pearcey • August 31, 2010, 11:02 AM

"A new Gallup poll released Monday shows Republicans with a record 10-point edge over Democrats on the 'generic ballot' test -- the question of whether voters prefer a Democratic or Republican congressional candidate," reports Newsmax.

"It’s the largest GOP polling edge at this stage in the 68 years of the generic ballot poll, Politico first reported," Newsmax continues. "The news is so discouraging that an increasing number of Democratic strategists now say privately that they fear the House is already lost, Politico reports."

The crucial point -- if Republicans should retake the House and perhaps the Senate in November -- is whether they represent the dark days of a philosophically compromised GOP in decline, or whether they represent the continuing rise of principled Constitutional and Declarational resistance against statism and for freedom.

In contrast to closed-down secularist doctrine, human beings were created for freedom rooted in the existence of a real Creator, as the Declaration clearly expresses (a pretend Creator cannot, for example, create all men equal).

That's the enduring, defining, and liberating American mainstream. It'd be good if the GOP figured that out and stuck to it.

Absurd Lies About Cordoba

By Rick Pearcey • August 31, 2010, 07:37 AM

Contra Prof. Whitney S. Bodman in the Austin American-Statesman: "The idea that Christianity and the Inquisition ended the brilliance of Cordoba is a deliberate lie," writes Jonathan David Carson at American Thinker.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beck Uncaged, Obama Goes Ostrich

By Rick Pearcey • August 30, 2010, 08:58 AM

With Glenn Beck and stirred-up Americans on the loose, Obama sticks his head in the sand, where he thinks better, observes ostrichologist Ethel C. Fenig of American Thinker University.

Project 21 Chairman Blasts Sharpton Over Glenn Beck Rally, Christian Commitment

By Rick Pearcey • August 30, 2010, 08:17 AM

"The chairman of a national leadership network of black conservatives Friday took the Rev. Al Sharpton to task over his criticism of Glenn Beck’s 'Restoring Honor' rally, held Saturday, on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s 'I Have a Dream' speech," reports CNSNews.com.

"Mychal Massie, chairman of Project 21, challenged Sharpton to a debate over whether race is more important than 'the equality of all men under the Constitution and under God.'"

Massie also challenged the authenticity of Sharpton's calling as a minister of the gospel. 

"If Al Sharpton claims to be a minister, then he needs to get back to his Christian roots, if indeed he ever had them, and start preaching Jesus Christ and stop preaching discord and racial animus," Massie told CNSNews.

Is Martin Luther King the Slave of Black People? 
Racism! Racism! Racism! And Oh by the Way: Racism! 
How the New Resistance Can Win the Culture War

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is Martin Luther King the Slave of Black People?

By Rick Pearcey • August 28, 2010, 12:48 PM

Lisa Fritsch writes at American Thinker:

"Whites don't own Abraham Lincoln and blacks don't own Martin Luther King," says Glenn Beck as he defends his right to rally and restore honor at the same place and on the same date as Martin Luther King's historic "I Have a Dream" speech. That Beck has to say this seems ridiculous in itself, for most of us know that Martin Luther King is an American legend, with cherished monuments and a nationally celebrated holiday honoring his birthday each year. But Beck has to say this because he is white. And sadly, he is addressing the same critics: certain black reverends who never miss an opportunity to exploit race and black history.

True enough. Community organizers such as Al Sharpton do not own Martin Luther King, Jr. And neither does Glenn Beck, nor you or me.

Martin Luther King, Jr., is not the slave of the Rev. Al Sharpton. Mr. King does not jump when the reverend snaps his fingers. The legacy of King is not race-based private property under the whip of new masters lording it over new slaves in new cotton fields.

Our nation was founded not just upon "values" we happen to like, but upon objective truths about God, man, and the cosmos that we neglect to our peril.

These truths are facts of life which, if we affirm, set us free to see each other, to respect each other, and to treat each other, as human beings created in the image of God and endowed by our Creator with "certain unalienable rights," among them "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

To stake their claim over Martin Luther King, over August 28, over "I Have a Dream," certain race activists seem fond of saying, "We were there."

But clearly they are no longer there. They have left the building, they have left the monument, they have left the dream.

They have joined up with Jim Crow. They've joined up with skin color, collectivism, group hatreds, and the content of our pigmentation instead of the content of our character.

No human being owns Martin Luther King, Jr. No human being owns his legacy. He is forever an individual created in the image of God, not an empty value symbol to be manipulated according to the desires of marketers, hustlers, masters, and tyrants.

This is an unalienable fact of life. It sets us free. But to others it is holy terror. 

Racism! Racism! Racism! And Oh by the Way: Racism! 
How the New Resistance Can Win the Culture War

Friday, August 27, 2010

Invitation: Nancy Pearcey, Saving Leonardo on Capitol Hill

By Rick Pearcey • August 27, 2010, 11:08 AM

Nancy will be speaking at a "Faith and Law" event in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center on September 1, the date of the release of her new book Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, & Meaning.

In addition to discussing central themes from Saving Leonardo, Nancy will provide a sampling of the book's more than 100 images, from art and popular culture, specificially chosen to give readers a window into the impact of secular worldviews, for good or ill, in our individual lives, upon questions of human freedom and dignity, and thus across the whole of society. 

For more information about Saving Leonardo, please see this press release.

Here are event details:

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2010
Time: Noon
Location: U.S. Capitol Visitors Center, HVC 201
Phone: 703-425-2404

Lunch will be served.

Please RSVP by replying to RSVP@faithandlaw.org.

For more information, please email tina@claphamgroup.com.

This is going to be a terrific time together. We look forward to seeing you September 1.

$325,000: Wallis-Soros Ties Emerging

By Rick Pearcey • August 27, 2010, 08:18 AM

When Money Talks, Truth Walks? "The leader of the 'progressive Christian' Sojourners movement has accepted funding from leftist atheist billionaire George Soros," reports OneNewsNow.

The Rev. Jim Wallis "has openly stated in the past that Sojourners did not receive funding from atheists, but he later issued a statement confirming there had been at least three Soros grants totaling about $325,000," OneNewsNow continues.

Mark Tooley of the Institute on Religion and Democracy "feels it is disingenuous for a Christian group to accept money from non-believers, and he thinks Wallis and Soros are in sync on several different levels."

American Thinker: Soros Has Lying Pastor Close to Obama on Payroll 
Jim Wallis: Obama's "Red" Spiritual Advisor 
Obama's "Red" Spiritual Advisor Rev. Jim Wallis vs. the Bible

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things Just Got Worse for Obama, Thank You, Jerry Springer

By Rick Pearcey • August 26, 2010, 09:47 PM

How so? On Sean Hannity's TV show tonight, "TV personality" Jerry Springer said Barack Obama has been an "excellent president."

With support like this, Obama must be asking, who needs the lastest horrible poll results?

I don't know about you, but despite this amazing endorsement of Obama, I'm not expecting to see Springer on the campaign trail in support of all those little Democrat Obamas trying to hide who they are from the American people.

The country would be a whole lot better off if Springer and Obama just got together for vacations, beer, and basketball until the morning of November 3. Heck, take the next two years off. We could get used to that.

Here is video of "Hannity vs. Springer on Obama's Job Performance" (added at 11:54 pm).

Ground Zero Mosque a Trojan Horse?

By Rick Pearcey • August 26, 2010, 01:28 PM

As the Trojans defeated by the Greeks of Achilles day might tell you, their fault lay not in tolerance or the lack thereof.

No. They failed to see the enemy in their midst. They tolerated the enemy in their camp. They brought the enemy within.

The Greeks sent a gift and won the war. The Trojans accepted the gift, and lost their city.

The Islamists want to build a mosque. An interfaith monument, so we are told.

And yet, the world will see, and every terrorist will know, that this mosque is erected above Ground Zero, where Twin Towers once stood.

The world will see, and every terrorist will know, that mosque Cordoba is a shrine to victory over the great, and greatly stupid, U.S.A. Where Freedom once stood.

And in her place, victory for Islamic terror. A celebration not of tolerance but of defeat for America in decline. Of 9/11 and lessons unlearned.

Go tell the liberals and the politicians: Tolerance is war by other means. It is surrender for those with high self-esteem. Then comes the night. The end. Of the dream.

In war, the issue is not tolerance -- but victory or defeat. Only the living can tolerate the dead.

Great Patriots of America: Go tell all who thirst after blood of liberty: Keep your horses, keep your chains. We choose freedom. We keep our City on a Hill.

Must-Listen: Mark Levin Interviews David Limbaugh on "Crimes Against Liberty"

By Rick Pearcey • August 26, 2010, 11:03 AM

Mark Levin says Crimes Against Liberty, by David Limbaugh, is a "stunningly important book."

Here is audio of "The Great One's" tremendous radio interview with David on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

American Thinker: Soros Has Lying Pastor Close to Obama on Payroll

By Rick Pearcey • August 25, 2010, 11:20 PM

Ed Lasky, news editor at American Thinker, writes:

The tangled web woven by George Soros served as a safety net for Barack Obama when he needed rescue from the exposure of Jeremiah Wright as an America-hating radical. Pastor Jim Wallis lied about receiving money from George Soros's Open Society Institute. His organization, Sojourners, is a leftist "social justice" type of ministry. He and Sojourners have a history with Barack Obama that I have been tracking for a few years. When the Jeremiah Wright scandal erupted, candidate Barack Obama had to find religion -- fast. Fortunately for him, he had a backup pastor in place and ready to go: Jim Wallis. Apparently, Obama felt right at home with Wallis.

Lasky concludes, "Wallis, like Wright, is less a pastor and more of an extreme partisan. He doesn't like America, but he but does likes Hamas, Marxism, and Obama -- and he is a liar, to boot. A perfect 'Pastor' for payola from the likes of George Soros."

Jim Wallis: Obama's "Red" Spiritual Advisor 
Obama's "Red" Spiritual Advisor Rev. Jim Wallis vs. the Bible

Bobby Bowden: "Called to Coach" on Fox & Friends

By Rick Pearcey • August 25, 2010, 09:23 AM

Florida State's coach (well, he's now retired after 55 years) was on "Fox and Friends" this morning talking about his new book, Called to Coach: Reflections on Life, Faith, and Football. Bowden is right that we are all here for a purpose, and the implication of his message -- that all of life is spiritual -- is also right.

This includes coaching. And I must say, those who think life lived in community with our Creator means cutting yourself off from his good gifts are sorely mistaken. A low view of the physicality of life has more to do with ancient Greek dualism that took a low view of matter than with holistic living based on verifiable and actionable information from the Creator.

Coaching -- as well as teaching, science, politics, nurturing a strong family life -- is just as much a calling before the Creator as is any other vocation in life, including preaching. Remember, Jesus of Nazareth was not wasting his time, nor was he being less spiritual, while he worked as a carpenter.

Assuming one has the necessary knowledge base, what makes a good coach at any level? Love the sport, love the person you are coaching, demand excellence -- and praise hard work and dedication even if the final product is not world-class.

It helps mightily if you live in community with God and man -- for sports is an expression of excellence, achievement, aesthetics, creativity, and physicality, all of them tremendously positive gifts from the hand of the Creator and expressive of his character.

That's why we might also say: There will be football (and soccer!) fields in Heaven. And the harps may well be electrified. The Creator, quite literally, is not a spoilsport.

Church Burning Koran, Liberals Burning Constitution

By Rick Pearcey • August 25, 2010, 08:04 AM

"The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has joined the growing condemnation of plans by a Florida church to burn copies of the Quran on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks," reports CNSNews.com in a news story titled, "Burn the Quran Day Prompts Warnings of Anger, Unrest."

Two observations:

1. Any worldview -- be that "scientific," philosophical, religious, political, Biblical, or Koranic -- that would be considered a viable option as the object of a person's trust should be chosen carefully on the basis of whether it is true to reality, that is, to the facts of history, humanity, the evidence of reason, empirical data, internal consistency, and so on. If something is "sacred" but false, it should not be "believed."

This approach, by the way, is the real-world orientation of the Biblical epistemology, quite in contrast to so much that you see coming out of politics, Hollywood, the academy, and so-called "people of faith" these days (understanding "faith" in the dumbed-down secular way, in contrast to the Biblical data). The attempt to hide meaning in a protected "values" realm, immune from the considerations of evidence, is a seedbed of violence, because now force, and not reason, becomes the decider of what is publicly acceptable or not.

2. Literal book-burning is a problem because it suggests a fear of critique. Far more serious is the mental "book-burning" we see today in American politics, where certain passions would rather "burn" the Constitution and Declaration of Independence rather than respect their contents the way honest people of intellect ought to. Specifically, any attempt to recast these Founding, defining documents of the enduring American mainstream as so-called "living" documents (where the text can be ignored, to be replaced by the personal opinion of those with power) represents book-burning on the highest (read: lowest) level.

That kind of "living" document is, in effect, a nondocument, a document committed to the flames. It is thereby transformed into a tool of oppression. "Progressives," liberals, RINOs, and secularists who would rule by it are captured by the spirit of dictatorship and manipulation, whether on purpose or not, whether they consent or not.

There is a better, more humane and holistic way. A healthy people will resist empty "values" and charred documents. A free people of intelligence, dignity, and choice, who understand that human rights have their only sure basis in the self-same knowable Creator who has created us equal and endowed us with "certain unalienable rights," and who does not require intellectual suicide as a prerequisite to personal commitment, will resist.

This is the American identity. More importantly, this is our human identity. Properly understood American exceptionalism and human exceptionalism are waters of life which have their origin in the same wellspring of goodness and truth. I speak of the Creator, not of Washington, D.C., and not of its current prophet, who is seen every now and then in a chair far too big for him in the White House. All around him are flames.

Church: "We Will Burn the Koran" 
How the New Resistance Can Win the Culture War

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Video: David Limbaugh on Hannity Outlines Obama's "Crimes Against Liberty"

By Rick Pearcey • August 24, 2010, 01:14 PM

First Interview: Author and attorney David Limbaugh appeared on the Hannity show on Fox last night to discuss his new book, Crimes Against Liberty. Here are a transcript and video of that interview.

Books: Crimes Against Liberty, by David Limbaugh

Press Release for "Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, and Meaning," by Nancy Pearcey

By Rick Pearcey • August 24, 2010, 11:00 AM

We are pleased to release the following press statement for Nancy's new book, Saving Leonardo: 

Media Contact: David Fouse
703.494.4902, Fouse@pinkstongroup.com 



Bestselling author Nancy Pearcey issues a call to resist
the secular assault on mind, morals, and meaning

August 24, 2010 -- Politically correct secular doctrines have penetrated every area of our lives. They are in our schools where children are taught that moral standards are matters of personal preference. They are in our politics where marketing and manipulation substitute for rational persuasion. They are in our art, media -- even churches -- where sheer entertainment outweighs real-world truth.

In Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, and Meaning, best-selling author Nancy Pearcey, herself a former agnostic, offers an unflinching analysis of the profound personal and social devastation wreaked by secularism all across American life -- from the classroom to the courtroom, from the pulpit to the playground, from the boardroom to the White House.

“Because the word secular is the opposite of religious, many assume that the rise of secularism is a problem for religious groups only,” Pearcey says. “Not so. When politics loses its moral dimension, we all lose. When public discourse is debased, the entire society suffers.”  

In this riveting account, Pearcey exposes the stealth secularism that permeates society through education, media, politics, art, literature, and movies. Saving Leonardo reveals

  • How the ruling elites use secular strategies to override the will of the American people;
  • How art, literature, movies, and media channel secular worldviews deeply into people’s minds and emotions through stories and images;
  • How cutting-edge moral issues like abortion, homosexuality, and the hook-up culture are shaped by secular worldviews that denigrate and disrespect the human body;
  • How two major forces within secularism have created a pincer movement crushing human dignity and liberty.

With more than 100 colorful images from the classical Greeks to Van Gogh, from Camus to Scarlett Johansson, you will “see” secular ideas unfold in fresh and surprising ways.

Finally, Saving Leonardo argues that the best hope lies in a worldview that is rationally defensible, life affirming, and rooted in creation itself. As the Declaration of Independence puts it, human rights are secure only when a society respects them as unalienable givens endowed by the Creator.

In a culture where the center is deconstructed and character is disintegrating, Saving Leonardo offers an inspiring program to recover freedom and dignity -- one that no free-thinking person can afford to ignore.

Praise for Saving Leonardo

“A feast for the mind and the eye” -- Makoto Fujimura, artist, author

“Balanced, fair, impactful” -- Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist, author

“Intellectual prophet” -- J.P. Moreland, philosopher, author of The Question of God

“Astounding” -- James W. Sire, author of The Universe Next Door

“Brilliant” -- Gene Edward Veith, author, Provost, Patrick Henry College

“Unsurpassed” -- Leland Ryken, professor of English, Wheaton College

“May be Nancy’s best book yet, and that’s saying something” -- David Limbaugh, syndicated columnist, author

Praise for Nancy Pearcey

“One of the most profound writers today” -- Ted Baehr, founder, Movieguide

“A mind like a jewel” -- Lael Arrington, author, Worldproofing Your Kids

“An author of unusual ability” -- Phillip E. Johnson, author, professor emeritus, Berkeley

About the Author

Nancy Pearcey authored Saving Leonardo while serving as research professor of Worldview Studies at Philadelphia Biblical University. She is editor at large of The Pearcey Report and has authored or contributed to several works, including The Soul of Science and How Now Shall We Live? Her bestselling book Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity won the 2005 ECPA Gold Medallion award.

About the Book

Release Date: September 1, 2010
Publisher: Broadman and Homan Publishing Group
Price: $26.99 Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-4336-6927-9

Monday, August 23, 2010

7 Questions: Why a Mega Mosque in Murfreesboro, TN?

By Rick Pearcey • August 23, 2010, 10:27 AM

Eileen Toplansky over at American Thinker raises 7 questions about plans to build a multimillion-dollar mega mosque in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Here is news video on the mosque.

Among the questions Toplansky raises:

  • "How is this mega mosque being funded?"

  • "Why is a mega mosque being built when about only 250 Muslim families live in this southern town?"

  • "Will the Muslim Brotherhood who espouses the waging of jihad against non-Muslim infidels be an active force behind this and other planned mosques?"

Let me suggest two additional questions:

  • Do Americans realize that while all people are created equal, not all religions are created equal? Unless you would be led around like a fool, it is crucial that free-thinking people created in the image of God carefully choose their worldview on the basis of knowable truth as opposed to mere feelings, tradition, peer pressure, and so on.

  • Has secular liberalism so infected the American ethos that this country, which is founded upon real-world content and verifiable information from a knowable and rational Creator (as opposed to a mere "belief system" or "value system"), that our freedoms rooted in unalienable rights and blessings from the true Creator now hang in the balance?

For further reading, the following resources may be helpful:

O'Reilly, Letterman, and the Culture War 
Christmas Spirit in the Dirt 
How the New Resistance Can Win the Culture War 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Books: "Crimes Against Liberty," by David Limbaugh

By Rick Pearcey • August 21, 2010, 03:50 PM

A review copy of David Limbaugh's new book, Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama, has arrived in the mail, and it looks tremendous.

To give you an idea of the timeliness of, and need for, this book, here is what's on the front and back inside flaps of the cover:

Was This the Hope and Change America Voted For?

* Socialized healthcare?

* A foreign policy of abasement to our enemies -- and hostility to our friends

* Bailouts upon bailouts?

* "Stimulus spending" that’s really pork-barrel spending on steroids?

American voters might have been naïve when they went to the polls in 2008, but New York Times bestselling author David Limbaugh wasn’t. He warned voters of what would be in store. Now he’s back with more than a warning. A practicing lawyer, he has compiled the most comprehensive and devastating indictment of what is turning out to be the most destructive presidency in American history.

Limbaugh charges that this presidency is ambitiously unraveling the Constitution, actively rooting out American traditions and values, and most of all, committing crimes against American liberty.

In Limbaugh’s brilliant new book, he documents:

* Obama’s offenses against the rule of law (including the administration’s blatant pursuit of race-based justice)

* Violations of the public trust (including Obama’s Chicago-style bully boy tactics to protect and advance the administration’s cronies)

* Abuses against the private sector (including how the Obama administration is removing any limits to federal power)

* Crimes against good governance (including Obama’s mania for secrecy after getting elected on promises of transparency)

* Betrayals of the national interest (including the administration’s gagging of honest discussion of the threat of radical Islam)

* And much, much more

If there was ever a must read -- this is it. Crimes Against Liberty is a stunning tour de force -- a detailed indictment against a president who is pursuing an agenda at odds with the Constitution and that is even more radical than most people realize.

Crimes Against Liberty officially goes on sale this Monday, August 23, and as part of the launching of the book, David is scheduled to appear with Sean Hannity on Fox Monday evening at 9 pm eastern.

Full disclosure: David Limbaugh is a friend of mine, and I was primary editor of his great book Persecution.

Cordoba Mosque Protesters to Rally Near Ground Zero

By Rick Pearcey • August 21, 2010, 01:28 PM

"A grassroots coalition of groups opposing the Cordoba House Islamic center and mosque’s placement at Ground Zero will protest its construction Sunday at 11:00 a.m. in front of the Park 51 site, on the northeast corner of West Broadway," reports The Daily Caller.

Speaker Pelosi's Dangerous America
No 9/11 Mosque!

Update: Wikileaks Rape Warrant Cancelled

By Rick Pearcey • August 21, 2010, 12:54 PM

"Sweden has cancelled an arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on accusations of rape and molestation," reports the BBC.

"The Swedish Prosecution Authority website said the chief prosecutor had come to the decision that Mr. Assange was not suspected of rape but did not give any further explanation."

Wikileaks Founder Accused of Rape

Tea Party Fake Quits Before Getting Axed

By Rick Pearcey • August 21, 2010, 08:21 AM

From FoxNews.com:

The Oregon teacher who declared his mission to "dismantle and demolish" the Tea Party movement resigned before getting the ax, a school spokeswoman told FoxNews.com. . . .

Conestoga Middle School media lab teacher Jason Levin became national news back in April when he announced his intention to bring down the Tea Party on his "Crash the Tea Party” website and in media interviews.

The now-ex Conestoga Middle School media lab teacher said in April that he would seek to embarrass Tea Partiers by attending their rallies dressed as Adolf Hitler, carrying signs bearing racist, sexist and anti-gay epithets and acting as offensively as possible -- anything short of throwing punches.

Wikileaks Founder Accused of Rape

By Rick Pearcey • August 21, 2010, 07:33 AM

"A Swedish tabloid reported on Saturday that an arrest warrant has been issued for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on suspicion of rape, and officials said they could confirm 'media reports'," according to AFP.

"Assange addressed the report on WikiLeaks Twitter page, saying 'the charges are without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing'," AFP reports.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Speaker Pelosi's Dangerous America

By Rick Pearcey • August 20, 2010, 04:29 PM

"The speaker of the House wants to know how opponents of the Ground Zero mosque are being funded," states an editorial in Investors Business Daily. "When Americans can be investigated for their opinions, our republic has arrived at a dangerous place."

Every day brings yet another example of why American who respect both our national and creaturely identities must resist and overcome the growing authoritarianism entrenched in Washington, D.C.

Abject Healthcare Panic at the White House

By Rick Pearcey • August 20, 2010, 12:27 PM

That's how David Freddoso at Beltway Confidential reads the new Democrat PR angle on the unconstitutional Obamacare fiasco ("'Improve' Healthcare, Don't Talk Cost").

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feds Embargo Pro-Abstinence Findings

By Rick Pearcey • August 19, 2010, 12:40 PM

"The full results of a national study that favors abstinence education is being withheld from researchers and the public," OneNewsNow reports.

"The taxpayer-supported survey from 2008 found that around 70 percent of parents and their teenagers believed that teens should wait until marriage to have sex," according to OneNewsNow.

"Despite release of the study's summary and its highlight at two major public health conferences last year, the Department of Health and Human Services is withholding the full results, according to Valerie Huber, executive director of the National Abstinence Education Foundation."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Smart Is Obama?

By Rick Pearcey • August 18, 2010, 07:12 AM

True believers in Barack Hussein Obama do not question whether the evidence supports certain basic articles of faith, including, let us suggest, the doctrine that the current occupant of the Oval Office possesses an IQ "that is off the charts," as historian Michael Beschloss once infamously, confidently, and blindly proclaimed to Don Imus of radio fame.

When Imus on Nov. 10, 2008, in the context of an interview of effusive praise for Obama, asked Beschloss a followup question, "What is his IQ?," Beschloss at first tried to talk through Imus's question. But Imus persisted and the historian eventually admitted, "I don't know."

Free-thinkers take a more noble path.

Having been endowed by our Creator with "certain unalienable rights" and responsibilities, among them the right and responsibility to question authority, including political authority, regular people are thereby liberated as holistic human beings to ask questions and discover amazing truths. 

This kind of critical distance and discovery, despised in certain circles, especially among secularized people of secularized faith, is a key element of representative, Constitutional government. Liberated minds precede free societies.

Victor Volsky at American Thinker maintains such a distance, and he asks a question ("Just how smart is Obama?") that may trouble those who are comforted by, and who place their trust in, Obama. Yes, Barackian sychophants on campus, in Hollywood, in politics, and in the formerly mainstream media may not be pleased with the answer suggested by the evidence.

But those who understand that resistance to foolishness goes to the heart of our calling as Americans and as human beings rejoice.

Here is audio of the Imus-Beschloss interview. The historian's blind, nonsupported but gushing praise of Obama's supposedly high IQ occurs near the end of the interview.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Saving Leonardo" Already in Public Library

By Rick Pearcey • August 17, 2010, 10:34 AM

When it comes to Nancy's new book Saving Leonardo, you can literally "check it out" at the Kenton County Public Library in Kenton County, KY, located in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Kenton County is named after Simon Kenton, a longtime friend of frontiersman Daniel Boone.

It seems fitting to note the appearance of Saving Leonardo in Kenton County. Just as the county's namesake helped blaze a trail through the Kentucky wilderness, the new book blazes a trail through the secular wasteland. 

The Kentucky wilderness reminds us of pristine beauty, whereas the secular wasteland is a departure in so many ways from the wonder of the Creator's handiwork and from a nation Declared free under God. Two contrasting environments, but a similar call to courage and creativity in the face of a challenging situation. 

Contemporary trailblazers seeking more information on the Kenton County Public Library should turn in here. The official launch date of Saving Leonardo is September 1.

When Churches Try to Be Cool

By Nancy Pearcey • August 17, 2010, 08:17 AM

What can churches do to stem the tide of young people walking out their doors? Sadly, many have responded by simply mirroring the pop culture that youngsters are already immersed in.

We once visited a church where the teen Sunday school class welcomed our son with a row of video arcade games. In younger years he attended Vacation Bible School where he was bombarded with loud pop music, silly skits, and slapstick games. Lots of paintball and whipped cream. 

That's a misguided approach, says Brett McCracken in a recent Wall Street Journal article. McCracken, who has just published a book titled Hipster Christianity: Where Church and Cool Collide, offers his own examples of churches trying desperately to prove to kids that they can be cool. And he concludes:

As a twentysomething, I can say with confidence that when it comes to church, we don't want cool as much as we want real.

If we are interested in Christianity in any sort of serious way, it is not because it's easy or trendy or popular. . . . It's because the world we inhabit is utterly phony, ephemeral, narcissistic, image-obsessed and sex-drenched -- and we want an alternative. It's not because we want more of the same. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with offering young people simple fun and social time. But the force of sheer experience will not equip them to address the secular worldviews they will encounter when they leave home and face the world on their own.

Young people whose commitment is mostly emotional are likely to retain it only as long as it is making them feel good. As soon as a difficult crisis comes along, it will evaporate.

Churches that have lasting impact in the lives of young people are those that teach them to develop reasonable biblical answers to the secular worldviews permeating American society today. That’s the case I make in Saving Leonardo. And the empirical evidence backs it up: A recent Fuller study found that among students who retain their Christian convictions in college, one factor plays the largest role -- and it’s not what most church leaders would expect: The most significant factor is whether young people have a safe place to wrestle with their doubts and questions before leaving home.

The study concluded, "The more college students felt that they had the opportunity to express their doubt while they were in high school, the higher [their] levels of faith maturity and spiritual maturity."

In other words, the best way for teens to become "prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks" (1 Pet. 3:15) is by wrestling with the questions themselves. Churches should teach teens what the major secular worldviews claim, and how to evaluate them.

Saving Leonardo is a good place to get started.

Christmas Spirit in the Dirt
Dembski Questions Famed Healing Ministry

Monday, August 16, 2010

Video: Congresswoman Runs From Townhall Questions, Relies on Thug to Intimidate

By Rick Pearcey • August 16, 2010, 02:44 PM

At a townhall event this weekend, Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) seemed to have everything in order, but then a guy with a video camera showed up.

He was asking questions and everything. Like he thinks he's got some kind of power. Like he thinks he's an illegal alien or something.

This guy even asked whether the Obamacare healthcare mandate "is constitutional."

"You have a good night," the congresswoman explained. As she jumped into her getaway car.

Good thing Ms. Melissa had a thug on hand to make sure the federal government continues to run smoothly. 

Meanwhile, the Thug Community must be wondering: Whatawegonnado with all these Tea Party plants?

"Hey, Jimbo Thunderbrain. Where'd you put that race card?"

Well, here's video. More at Gateway Pundit.

Hat tip: Beltway Confidential

Nancy Pearcey: Who Respects the Human Body? Not Homosexuals

By Rick Pearcey • August 16, 2010, 06:01 AM

Commenting on the "ruling by Judge Vaughn Walker to strike down Proposition 8," bestselling author and Pearcey Report editor at large Nancy Pearcey reveals in her latest column how "the law is being used to impose a secular liberal worldview that dismisses physical anatomy as insignificant, inconsequential and completely irrelevant to gender identity."

As Nancy has shown in Saving Leonardo, this secular theory of the person "represents a devastatingly disrespectful view of the physical body. It alienates people from their own bodies, treating anatomy as having no intrinsic dignity. No dignity is accorded to the unique capabilities inherent in being male or female."

Nancy concludes: "Today's liberal elites such as Judge Walker may pose as enlightened liberators, but in fact they are secular Gnostics, treating physical anatomy as having no intrinsic dignity or purpose."

Nancy Pearcey at American Thinker
Rosie O'Donnell's Oppressive Coat
Fact-Challenged Homosex "Marriage" Judge: Child Has Neither Need Nor Right to Mother 
America's Ruling Class and How It Holds on to Power
How the New Resistance Can Win the Culture War

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nancy Pearcey at American Thinker

By Rick Pearcey • August 14, 2010, 03:00 PM

Today at American Thinker you can read Nancy's article titled, "Fact," "Values," and the Redefinition of "Marriage."

Here's the first paragraph: 

The ruling that overturned California's Proposition 8 last week is a significant step in America's descent into secularism. The decision builds a case for same-sex marriage by pitting objective "facts" against "private values," then dismissing values as a basis for law -- a favorite strategy in the secularist playbook.

From her conclusion: 

It has become a truism that politics is downstream from culture, and this case is a stunning example. It writes into law a secularized view of truth -- an epistemology, to use a technical term. No matter what happens legally, the judge's reasoning will be influential in the further secularization of American law and policy.

Those who wish to have a healthy political impact must understand the underlying ideas that drive politics. When the fragmented secular view of truth is taught in the universities and law schools, it will eventually be imposed upon the entire society with the bang of a gavel. And that is a fact.

In her new book Saving Leonardo, Nancy exposes the historic and ongoing destructive impact of secularism upon modern thought and society, including how it affects for ill our daily lives. And she builds a case for a humane and holistic resistance that affirms, by the way, what I would argue is the essential mainstream of the American experiment in human freedom and dignity. 

Rosie O'Donnell's Oppressive Coat
Fact-Challenged Homosex "Marriage" Judge: Child Has Neither Need Nor Right to Mother 
America's Ruling Class and How It Holds on to Power
How the New Resistance Can Win the Culture War

Friday, August 13, 2010

What David Limbaugh Says About "Saving Leonardo"

By Rick Pearcey • August 13, 2010, 06:37 AM

Saving Leonardo "may be Nancy's best book yet -- AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING," columnist and author David Limbaugh writes on Facebook. "More on this subject later," he says.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Candidate Wishes Palin Aboard for Deadly Alaska Plane Crash

By Rick Pearcey • August 12, 2010, 04:09 PM

"A New Hampshire candidate for the state house is taking heat from the state Republican Party after he wrote on a Facebook thread that he wishes former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and the father of her grandson were in the plane crash that killed former Sen. Ted Stevens in Alaska on Monday," writes Alex Pappas at The Daily Caller.

Pappas continues: 

“Just wish Sarah and Levy (sic) were on board,” wrote Keith Halloran, a Democratic candidate for Cheshire County House District 7, referencing Palin and Levi Johnston, the on-again, off-again boyfriend of her daughter.

One of the reasons we have checks and balances in the U.S. Constitution is that the Founders took seriously the Creator's realism about human beings. You too may have noticed: Humanity is great, but not always are pure as the wind-driven snow.

It is because of the imperfect condition of humanity, due to our own choices, that we who respect freedom must take care not to allow others to gain unlimited power in governance. 

Take a hint: There's a reason dictators and other "messiahs" love the consolidation and centralization of power.

Most would no doubt agree that no government at any level should be occupied by people of hate who "just wish Sarah and Levy (sic) were on board."

But if a hater of humanity does win an election, in a system of checks and balances, the damage that such a person can wreak upon others, and upon societal institutions, can be more or less minimimized.

Of course, the opposite is true. If suddenly you have an unlimited "living" Constitution, of the kind preached by secularists such as Barack Obama, the damage that can be imposed by those in office high or low is significant indeed. 

The more utopian, popular, and powerful the latest and greatest messiah, the more hellish life on earth becomes. Lose the Founder's realism based on information from the Creator and you are well down the road to losing your republic.

Watch the news tonight and you'll see what I mean.

When Harry Met Marco

By Rick Pearcey • August 12, 2010, 01:05 PM

"Harry Reid has never heard of Marco Rubio," states the headline above comments by W. James Antle III at American Spectator.

I suppose this means the two have never met. Well, they ought to, if only to fill in a few gaps in Reid's education and life experience.

Antle's comments speak, of course, to Reid's instantly infamous utterance that he just doesn't know how anyone of "Hispanic heritage could be a Republican." This, from a grown man. A U.S. senator. The utterance is an embarrassment.

Well, Harry needs to meet Marco, who is -- as many people seem to know -- the GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, from Florida. A son of Cuban immigrants. 

To help things along, here's Marco's website, which Harry may not know about. It's on the internet, another item about which Harry not know of or heard of.

I'm doing my best as a community facilitator to help Reid understand how Rubio could be Republicanio.

Now I've never met Senior Rubio, and I wouldn't ever want to profile, but he sure does look like a human being of "Hispanic heritage." My unscientific guess is that about 99% of my soccer-playing amigos share a somewhat similar background.

I might add that I do see how a person of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican (something along the lines of perferring the liberating Constitution over against the enfebbling divide-and-conquer racism and groupism that now animates, apparently, the like of Harry Reid and the Democrat Party).  

I might also add that maybe a person of Hispanic heritage could be tired of Obama reaching into brown Hispanic wallets, making it all-that-much harder for the "little guy" to run a small business. That, at least, is what my auto mechanic from Puerto Rico tells me. 

Here's a wild prediction: Marco Rubio, Republican, of Hispanic heritage, will vote Republican in the November elections! And he will vote specifically for himself, Republican!

It really is time that Harry met Marco (on a plane, maybe, as in When Harry Met Sally). In any case, a lot of Americans have met this son of Cuban exiles. Americans of all sorts of heritages. And they seem to like the guy and the Republic for which he stands.

"Republic." I wonder if Reid has ever heard of that.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Amnesty" Memo Reflects "Dictatorial Executive Branch"

By Rick Pearcey • August 11, 2010, 08:47 AM

"The alarm continues to be a raised over a private internal memo from the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service that indicates President Obama has an amnesty plan in the works for many illegal immigrants," reports OneNewsNow.

"The memo was drafted by four officials at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to the director of the department, Alejandro N. Mayorkas," the report continues.

"Jan LaRue, senior legal analyst with the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), believes the memo serves as evidence the Obama Administration intends to go around Congress in its attempt to acquire amnesty for illegal immigrants."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update: Search Inside "Saving Leonardo"

By Rick Pearcey • August 10, 2010, 02:20 PM

I just noticed that the "Search Inside" function for Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, & Meaning is now available on its Amazon page.

Click here, for example, to get a close-up of the book's terrific cover.

Why We Should Be Skeptical of Skeptics (Like Michael Shermer)
America's Ruling Class and How It Holds on to Power 
They Said What About Nancy Pearcey's New Book Saving Leonardo? 
Nancy Pearcey's Saving Leonardo Now at Amazon

"There's No Such Thing as 'Gay Marriage'"

By Rick Pearcey • August 10, 2010, 08:14 AM

And a million anti-Prop 8 homosexual San Francisco judges saying otherwise won't change that ethical fact of life. Here's Bill Murchison on "The 'Gay Marriage' Fantasy" at Townhall.

Monday, August 9, 2010

"War of the States Against Obamacare"

By Rick Pearcey • August 9, 2010, 11:53 AM

"Hyper-partisan" White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says the 71% thrashing that Allied Forces in Missouri gave to Obama "healthcare" invaders was a "vote of no legal significance," writes John Gizzi ("Gizmondo") at Human Events.

Meanwhile, Gizmondo reports, Missouri's challenge to Obamacare is going national. And "if Gibbs really believes what he said, then he's in for a rude awakening soon," says Republican State Rep. John Diehl, one of the ringleaders for healthcare freedom in Missouri.

Fact-Challenged Homosex "Marriage" Judge: Child Has Neither Need Nor Right to Mother

By Rick Pearcey • August 9, 2010, 09:50 AM

And Kids Don't Need Fathers, Either, Don't You Know: That's the politically correct wisdom of the moment, according to federal judge Vaughn R. Walker, "who ruled last week that a voter-approved amendment to California’s constitution that limited marriage to the union of one man and one woman violated the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution," writes Terry Jeffrey, editor in chief of CNSNews.com.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why We Should Be Skeptical of Skeptics (Like Michael Shermer)

By Nancy Pearcey • August 7, 2010, 04:53 PM

Michael Shermer, executive director of the Skeptics Society and publisher of Skeptic magazine, typically shoots from the hip. Which explains why he often misses the target. In a recent column, he blames Christianity for -- of all things -- the latest New Age craze.

The column is a critique of Deepak Chopra, the well-known New Age leader. Chopra used to be a top assistant to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (of Beatles fame). Time dubbed him the New Age Supersage. In spite of these facts, astonishingly, Shermer reinvents Chopra as a medieval theologian. In his words, Chopra’s theology is “essentially an updating” of medieval scholasticism. 

You would think that means Chopra appeals to medieval thinkers like Anselm and Aquinas. But you would be mistaken. Chopra’s goal is to forge a link between New Age thought and 20th-century quantum physics.

New Age interpretations of quantum theory were popularized a few years ago in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? Before that, they circulated in books like Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism and Gary Zukav’sThe Dancing Wu Li Masters. These books claim that the view of reality suggested by quantum theory correlates with the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Dalai Lama, a recent visitor to the Obama White House, frequently makes similar claims.

What does any of this have to do with medieval theology? Answer: Nothing. 

So why doesn’t Shermer link New Age physics to its real source in Hindu and Buddhist theology? He ignores the obvious connection to Eastern mysticism and instead wants us to believe that Chopra’s New Age preaching is an “effort to update medieval theology.”

This is so utterly contrary to the facts, it suggests that the “skeptic” Shermer -- like so many secularized academics, reporters, entertainers, and politicians -- is determined to make Christianity the target for virtually everything he disagrees with. 

Chopra’s New Age physics is only one of many interpretations -- and misinterpretations -- that quantum theory has inspired, as I show in Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, & Meaning. For example, it was also enormously influential in the rise of postmodernism because it appeared to undercut classical physics, along with the entire Enlightenment worldview. 

That’s why even non-scientists need to understand its impact -- if for no other reason than to answer those who misuse it to support their own favorite religious or philosophical views. 

And to debunk zealots who are determined to make Christianity a target, even in contradiction to the facts. Truly free thinkers need to be skeptical of those who call themselves “skeptics.”

Saving Leonardo can be pre-ordered here.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Reporters vs. Black Conservatives at Press Conference: Video

By Rick Pearcey • August 6, 2010, 02:06 PM

I Know It's a Longshot, But: If you've heard that there are no black human beings in the Tea Party movement, or that the Tea Party movement is a front for the KKK, Nazi Party, or Aryan Nashun, this news conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., may provide a helpful corrective.

I note the August 4 press gathering on the possibility that video of this newsworthy event may not see much air time on the formerly mainstream media. Call it a hunch.

And here's a slide show of the Tea Party Express News conference, featured on the website of the National Press Club.  

There Is No Media Double Standard
Racism! Racism! Racism! And Oh by the Way: Racism!

Federal Judge Declares Most Americans Bunch of Bigots

By Rick Pearcey • August 6, 2010, 07:34 AM

Why? Because we agree, with the Creator, who is the defining mainstream and center of gravity for American freedom (see the Declaration of Independence), that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Please note, federal judge Vaughn Walker is an out and out homosexual. And now this extremist has imposed his private feelings upon the rest of America. In addition, please note that his opinon entails the conclusion that the verifiable Creator, who is a public figure, is also a bigot.

There is another possibility, however, and that is this San Franciso judge is a fool who says in his heart that when it comes to public policy the Creator does not exist. 

Americans who respect the Creator will resist the anti-marriage rulings of imperious judges.

And Americans who respect the "blessings of liberty" that arise when we take seriously information from the Creator will resist the anti-family rulings of hegemonic homosexuals. 

Human beings are magnificent beings created to live in community with God and man; to resist evil, death, and decay; and to welcome life, health, and wholeness.  

This is good news for any who embrace reason, fact, love, and verifiable information from our Creator. It is not so good news for others.

Faggot Easy to Defend -- Surprising Help From Secular America
Rosie O'Donnell's Oppressive Coat

Thursday, August 5, 2010

There Is No Media Double Standard

By Rick Pearcey • August 5, 2010, 10:09 PM

The formerly mainstream media is consistently anti-Declaration (as written), anti-Constitution (as written), anti-Creator, anti-Christian, anti-life, anti-family, anti-individual, anti-success, anti-excellence, and anti-freedom.

To the formely mainstream media, whatever denigrates these things is "good," and whatever places them in their deserved positive light is "bad."

By way of contrast, a real press true to its journalistic calling questions authority, searches out the evidence, examines the facts, and then follows the evidence wherever it might lead.

Instead of giving in to political passions and ideological hatreds, a real journalism asks, seeks, and finds. It demands answers and comes back for more. No matter who is in power.

Real journalism it is not yet dead in America. But it may well die if we do not return as a nation to Constitutional content and Declarational norms. And it will die if it seeks life in liberalism.

As cancer is to the body, so is liberalism to reporting. The body functions for a while. But then cometh the night.

Networks Ignore Missouri Voters' 71% Repudiation of Obamacare
Exposed: When McCain Picked Palin, Liberal Journalists . . .
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Good News: 66% of Americans "Angry" at Media 
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Collaborationist Watch: The Slave Press
Question the Collaborationist Media
Anderson Cooper and the Crisis of Journalism

Networks Ignore Missouri Voters' 71% Repudiation of Obamacare

By Rick Pearcey • August 5, 2010, 09:37 AM

"ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts skipped the bad news for President Obama -- yet all found time to celebrate his 49th birthday," writes Brent Baker at Newsbusters.  

Have you noticed? When it comes parties and political party lines, the good times for Team Obama and its friendlies in the formerly mainstream media never seem to end.

OK. Let them eat their birthday cake. The bread of American revolution is in the oven.

Exposed: When McCain Picked Palin, Liberal Journalists . . .
How to Argue Like a Fascist 
Good News: 66% of Americans "Angry" at Media 
Send Media a Pink Slip
"Mainstream" Press and the Treason of the Journalists
Collaborationist Watch: The Slave Press
Question the Collaborationist Media
Anderson Cooper and the Crisis of Journalism

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

America's Ruling Class and How It Holds on to Power

By Nancy Pearcey • August 4, 2010, 12:28 PM

The summer issue of the American Spectator features a cover story that is garnering a lot of attention.  (The magazine notes that it was highlighted "in a big, big way by Rush Limbaugh.")  The article dovetails nicely with themes from my soon-to-be published book, Saving Leonardo. The author, Angelo Codevilla, professor emeritus at Boston University, says the secular elites in America have become a ruling class. And he explains the strategy they use to discredit opposition and hold on to power:

Let [anyone] object to anything the ruling class says or does, and likely as not their objection will be characterized as "religious," that is to say irrational, that is to say not to be considered on a par with the "science" of which the ruling class is the sole legitimate interpreter.

That is precisely the strategy explained in greater detail in Saving Leonardo. Because secularism gives no basis for objective morality, secularists dismiss moral objections as mere private feelings and preferences. Then they tell opponents they have no right to apply their private preferences in the public square -- whether in politics or business or education or healthcare.

Of course, this clears the way for secularists to impose their own views in the public square. Codevilla explains the only way the secularist strategy can be resisted:

Because aggressive, intolerant secularism is the moral and intellectual basis of the ruling class's claim to rule, resistance to that rule . . . must deal with secularism's intellectual and moral core. This lies beyond the boundaries of politics as the term is commonly understood.

Just so. Because "ruling class" politics is shaped by secular worldviews, a political response alone is not enough. It is imperative to deal with the "intellectual and moral core" of those worldviews. That is why Saving Leonardo issues, as the subtitle puts it, "a call to resist" secular worldviews and to affirm a verifiable biblical worldview that provides the basis for a free society. 

Saving Leonardo can be pre-ordered here.

Added Friday, August 6: For more on resistance in our moment in history, please see "How the New Resistance Can Win the Culture War."

Katie Couric Mocking Sarah Palin: Raw Footage

By Rick Pearcey • August 4, 2010, 09:08 AM

At Youtube:

At 1:14: Making fun of Track's name: "Where the h--- do they get these . . . "

At 1:54: Making fun of Palin's parents: "Can't make this up . . ."

At 4:26: Making fun of how to pronounce Palin's hometown of Wasilla, Alaska: "Terry, is it "Whysilay'?"

"Clearly, she is a JournOlist lurker at minimum," says one commenter at YouTube. "Isn't it funny how a former cheerleader and marginal new [sic] reader can criticize a former governor, beauty contest winner´╗┐ etc?" 

Hat tip: Drudge

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear Obama: Drunk Illegal Alien Kills Nun

By Rick Pearcey • August 3, 2010, 10:34 AM

"On Sunday, Prince William County police [in Virginia] arrested Carlos A. Martinelly Montano, 23, after he slammed head-on into a car in which three Benedictine nuns were traveling. Sister Denise Mosier was killed instantly, her two companions were taken by helicopter to the hospital where they both remain in critical condition," Dave Gibson writes at Examiner.com.

"Montano was charged with DUI and involuntary manslaughter," Gibson continues. "This is actually Montano’s third DUI arrest in Prince William County over the last five years. At the time of the crash, the illegal alien was free on bond while awaiting deportation proceedings."

Lesson: "This case is a tragic example of how the federal government has abandoned their duty to all of us," Gibson says. "How many more innocent Americans have to die before either the feds do their job and enforce immigration laws, or the states ignore Obama’s meddling and do it for themselves?"

Who Is Responsible? "Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano are just as responsible, through their inaction, for the death of Sister Denise Mosier as is the illegal alien who smashed into her," Gibson concludes.

War on Terror at Mexican Border 
Obama Attacks: Sinking the Arizona ... People
Arizona's Constitutional Authority to Declare War 
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Fact: Obama on Illegals Fails His Oath of Office

Monday, August 2, 2010

War on Terror at the Mexican Border

By Rick Pearcey • August 2, 2010, 07:12 AM

"The border situation, at its core, is not an economic issue, a cultural issue, or a race issue. It's a national security issue," writes Norah Peterson at American Thinker.

Obama Attacks: Sinking the Arizona ... People
Arizona's Constitutional Authority to Declare War 
Half of Americans Reject Obama's Immigration Lawsuit 
Hey, Obama, Show Us Your Papers 

Fact: Obama on Illegals Fails His Oath of Office